Love Life 101: What Near-Death Experiences and the Mystics Teach Us about Love, Romance and the School of Life

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Love Life 101, is a well-documented account of the magic and pragmatics of love life. The book starts off with the metaphoric expression of, “The Bigger Picture.” Daniel Flynn used it as a theme-building strategy that keeps all his arguments focused. He suggests that “The more we expand our awareness of the bigger picture and rely on it, the more it will become an automatic part of our thinking.” Every few pages, a quotable statement emerges, providing sound advice. These also serve as a chapter summary. Many of them are taken from Edgar Cayce Readings. In each of them, the speaker’s advice is given on areas directly related to the chapter’s sub-theme.

Flynn digs considerably beneath the surface, revealing a deeper meaning in the dynamic roles of the sexes. He clarifies everything a participant needs to know in order to develop healthy, meaningful and satisfactory relationships. Flynn’s remarkable skill to elucidate inter-relationship concepts and explore the boundaries of men and women are unique. Two appendices support this advice-filled volume. The first is a glossary; the second, an index.

This book is very reminiscent of Johnny Tan’s award-winning book, From My Mama’s Kitchen. Flynn referenced back to certain elements that provide spiritual insight. Among these, a deep discussion of Near Death Experiences, (NDE), surfaces early in the book. He initially refers to a NDE that one of his friends observed and shares how it enlightened him. Flynn proposes that these NDEs will guide us through the mazes of personal relationships. These help us restore our faith in intuition and give us foresight and fortitude to deal with the complexities we find ourselves in.

Each chapter deploys a dichotomy that characterizes the essence of key aspects that define who we are and how best to utilize the energy within each of us. The book relies on analysis of the inner self and touches upon our unique ability as human beings to tap the vast reservoir of knowledge that lies within each of us. He combs these insights into his content with superlative skill and binds them to our experiences of the world.

Love Life 101 represents informative, direct, and insightful information, giving the reader the big picture. The book will leave the reader with a feeling of well-being and tempt him or her to seek out this author again. While this book will enlighten and entertain, it belongs at the head of your reading list.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 161 Pages
Publisher CreateSpace
Publish Date 11-Oct-2011
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Issue October 2012
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