Labyrinth of the Wind: A Novel of Love and Nuclear Secrets in Tehran

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Labyrinth in the Wind is set in Iran in 1977 with Ayan Pathak as the guy to watch. Ayan can be seen as having it all – a powerful and prestigious job, a cushioned bank account, and a beautiful girlfriend who cares about current events and equality. Things in Iran aren’t perfect by any means; political uprising and far from peaceful protests and demonstrations are happening frequently in the streets. Ayan is starting to notice some turmoil happening among certain groups and he must figure out where he stands amid the angst.

Ayan is the chief financial officer for Iran Power, a job that allows for visits to popular clubs, nice restaurants, and dinners with the boss. During one such dinner date, Ayan is presenting an offer that he can’t refuse; by can’t, it means won’t, or else his life as he knows it will cease to exist. This proposition takes place moments after he is accused by his girlfriend of not taking a stand regarding the poor treatment of peers around him.

Ayan is left with a difficult decision that will change the course of his life as he knows it and impact many more lives along the way. Ayan is portrayed as a nice guy who is willing to help someone in need but like most people, when money, pride, and love get involved, you might see a different side of a person. Labyrinth of the Wind is love, political uprising, and coming of age as Ayan discovers who he is as an individual and how he fits in with others closest to himself.

Misra writes elegantly and captures the audience’s attention on the first page. The characters have a depth to them that makes them relatable, even though they are based decades in the past and living through a situation many of us have not had to understand first-hand. The love between Ayan and Gabby is sweet and rich and makes everyone wish for an Ayan or Gabby in their lives. The central theme of the story was explained adequately, especially knowing that the author has lived through similar situations. Note to readers, given the theme of political uprising involving riots and protests, the reader will experience murder and torture that are necessary for the plot and activity happening in the story.

While reading, the mixed emotions got to me; the betrayal, anger, and hurt were downers, while the love, happiness, and perseverance were included to balance everything out. Overall, Labyrinth of the Wind is an exhilarating read that keeps the reader on their toes wondering what the next big thing will be.

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Star Count 4.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 392 pages
Publisher The Sager Group LLC
Publish Date 01-Jan-2021
ISBN 9781950154302 Buy this Book
Issue July 2021
Category Historical Fiction