Kiss Me in Paris

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Can love overcome all obstacles? That is the question in Kiss Me in Paris, a romance about two people who meet on a summer school trip to Paris.

Winter has some traumatic secrets, and has run away to Paris to find adventure and the inspiration to write her floundering romance novel. But her past follows her in the form of her tormenter, Rodney. Rodney wants to make Winter’s life hell, but is thwarted when a sexy cowboy named Cade comes to Winter’s rescue.

Cade is the heir to the multi-million dollar family business, but he isn’t interested in following the path that his father has chosen for him. His real dream is to be an architect, a dream which his father vehemently opposes. Both Winter and Cade have come to Paris to escape their pasts and make their dreams a reality, but can the miles really separate them from their problems?

Kiss Me in Paris has some lovely descriptions of Paris scenery and food, and the setting amps up the chemistry between the two main characters. The novel doesn’t suffer from any of the problems that self-published work can come with, like bad editing or choppy transitions. It has genuinely touching moments, and will leave the reader longing to find their own Parisian romance.

The supporting characters could use more depth; Rodney never has any real motivation other than to torment Winter, and he goes from boring background cartoon villain to psychopath in a matter of pages. Also, this novel deals with the heavy subjects of abuse and rape, so if those subjects trigger you, it might be best to leave this book on the shelf.

At times, the sweetness of the prose can be overwhelming. If soap-opera romance is your thing, you’ll probably love this book. It ticks all the right boxes. I would recommend Kiss Me in Paris to frequent romance readers.

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Star Count 3.5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 350 pages
Publisher Daring Books
Publish Date 25-Jun-2013
ISBN 9781939559128 Buy this Book
Issue October 2013
Category Romance


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