January 6th and the Millennial Horde

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In January 6th and the Millennial Horde, it is the famous United States “Capitol Attack” all over again. However, the subsequent events in the book are far more extreme than what transpired in real life. Jim Depich, the main protagonist, is a congressman from Pittsburgh who zealously battles everyone who does not support “science and democracy.” Mary Lou Kramer, another important character, is a college student who believes in enforcing her opinion about COVID-19 and keeping people safe, even if it means employing violence.

Jim eventually rises to a position that enables him to exercise an outrageous level of power on the national and international levels. Meanwhile, Mary embarks on her own crusade on campuses all over the United States. Written by a doctor who worked on the frontline during the trying times of COVID-19, January 6th and the Millennial Horde portrays secret governmental, authoritarian agendas masked by a narrative about keeping people safe from COVID-19.

I couldn’t get enough of the intricate, thrilling plot of January 6th and the Millennial Horde. Imagine a world in which everyone has a chip that could be altered to deny them freedom of movement, restrict their access to money, and keep them confined to a country. That this could become a reality in the future makes the story even more intriguing. The book’s characters are the type you love and hate at the same time, which reflects the sort of duality that exists in a situation involving bad deeds carried out by well-meaning people.

Fans of political and dystopian narratives would enjoy the book, as it includes several shocking political choices that affect the lives of people in the US and other parts of the world. The sheer absurdity and extremity of the moves the characters make to enforce justice will keep you engrossed and eager to unravel the complete story, like people getting killed for not being woke enough about masks. The story is told through multiple perspectives and supplied with enough unique characters and names to keep the narrative fresh and interesting, like Dr Fact-nerd.

Though it is a sort of satirical narrative that ridicules the modern-day United States and its level of preparedness in battling COVID-19, January 6th and the Millennial Horde raises some serious, thought-provoking points about better ways of fighting the pandemic. Andy Lazris is clearly intelligent and introspective for creating such a multidirectional and deceptively profound narrative. You will be entertained by the book’s appealing elements, educated about COVID-19 and how dangerous the government can become, and encouraged to keep questioning your perception of good and evil. I strongly recommend you read it!

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Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 180 pages
Publisher Self Published
Publish Date 20-Jun-2022
ISBN 9798838059420
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Issue July 2022
Category Popular Fiction