In a Garden Burning Gold: A Novel

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Rhea and Lexos have always presented a united front under their father’s fury, but now the tides are shifting around them and so is their dynamic with other nations. Rhea’s latest choice of consort draws her toward a colder climate with an ulterior motive in mind, while her brother works to please his father, which leads him to a surprising decision. As the two siblings embark on separate journeys, each is faced with the future of their family from differing perspectives, which could cause their united front to crumble.

The plot revolves around this powerful family with four siblings who have specific positions in their father’s opinion, which creates an intense family drama set against a changing political climate. Rory Power has brought to life in-depth characters that take you on the journey with them and leave you feeling the heavy weight of their choices. Rhea’s and Lexos’s perspectives create a duality to the storytelling that explores the different sides of a coin. Elements of suspense, betrayal, hidden agendas, and questionable loyalties surround this family as the strength of their bonds is put to the test.

Blending political intrigue with gorgeous magical elements and family political drama, In a Garden Burning Gold is a beautifully written piece of high fantasy that demands to be read in one sitting.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 432 pages
Publisher Del Rey
Publish Date 05-Apr-2022
ISBN 9780593354971 Buy this Book
Issue August 2022
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy