Fu-Manchu – The Wrath of Fu-Manchu and Other Stories

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Time is running short. The hero, Nayland Smith, uncovers a sinister plot by the dreaded Si-Fan organization that will topple a western government. Smith’s confederate has infiltrated the evil empire and sent the details of the plot at the cost of his life. A great many police are mobilized and the hideout raided. The beautiful Chinese temptress is rescued and the plot foiled but Fu-Manchu, evil genius, immortal, manipulative and secretive slips easily away; carefully planning his next attack.

The Wrath of Fu-Manchu contains four stories of Fu-Manchu, a gothic House of Usher with better ending, two stories with Egyptian settings and some of British horror. They are great fun. Written in the early twentieth century, the good guys are good, the bad guys are bad and the women are beautiful. The action is fast and usually an unsuspecting adventurer is caught up with a beautiful damsel in distress. The locations are exotic, with broadly painted supporting characters. All the stories are written in the same breathtaking style and good triumphs over evil, even if it needs a little help to do so. The book is a throwback to those thrilling days of yesteryear.

I recommend it for the young at heart.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 320 pages
Publisher Titan Books
Publish Date 01-Mar-2016
ISBN 9780857686169
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Issue April 2016
Category Poetry & Short Stories


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