Exile Endgame

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Preston Fleming may be no relation to the author of the James Bond novels, Ian Fleming, but he nevertheless has that catchy name that just looks good on the cover of a thriller. While readers may have thought the Kamas Trilogy—consisting of Forty Days at Kamas, Star Chamber Brotherhood, and Exile Hunter—complete, Fleming surprises them with his new novel, Exile Endgame, continuing on where the third book ended.

Exile Endgame kicks off, as all good books should, with immediate conflict, as those in power in the totalitarian world of the American Unionists are trying to decide what to do with former and now renegade State Security Officer Warren Linder after he has spent almost ten years in a Yukon corrective labor camp. Victor Barbosa, chief of the Department of State Security, and the DSS Deputy Director, Gerrit DeWaart, are deciding what to do with Linder that can best achieve their desired goals and improve their professional careers, but they are then ordered that Linder must be executed.

In the next chapter, from the viewpoint of Linder, we travel two and a half years into the past, as our hero is in London, and the year is 2031. Linder is one of the heads of the exiled opposition fighting against totalitarian Unionist control. He wants to limit their power in whatever way he can, so when a new clandestine group known as the “League” emerges looking to oppose this regime, Linder looks to join them and verify they are who they say they are. He wants to determine that their ideologies and goals are true and match his. For there is a chance that the League is merely a creation of State Security looking to thwart and limit any true opposition to the Unionists.

Linder will be taken across the globe, as there are those hellbent on ending his life without question, but all will be necessary, for if the League is truly legitimate, then his own plan against the Unionists may just be possible.

Exile Endgame is written in a compelling and gripping way, so the reader can tell right from the first page that this book is going to be hard to put down. The characters are interesting, and while the plot is pretty complicated, it is nevertheless a fascinating and wild ride. Each chapter begins with a quote that sets the tone for the story the reader is about to discover. Set in the near future and with elements of the fantastic, this book is part of a series that is quite unlike anything else I’ve read before. Readers will be soon hooked and left wanting more.

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Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 425 pages
Publisher PF Publishing
Publish Date 01-Nov-2022
ISBN 9780999441879
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Issue November 2022
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller