Community Klepto: A Novel

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Community Klepto is a dark and quirky delight. The story follows Ann Josephson, a perfectly normal-looking twenty-something regular at the local community center gym. She keeps a low profile, minds her own business, and has stolen so many items from her fellow gym-goers that she needs an entire room in her apartment dedicated to containing the detritus.

She doesn’t really need to steal anything; her wealthy parents foot the bill for most of her living expenses, including the regular sessions with her therapist (who is completely aware of Ann’s predilection for theft), but getting away with stealing someone else’s stuff is preferable to actually talking to them.

All that starts to change, however, when a handsome member of the dodgeball team asks her to fill in for one of their regular players and Ann begins to question the validity of her internal moral compass.

This book is incredibly charming; the droll descriptions of Ann’s fellow gym-goers and the mental gymnastics Ann is prepared to execute to justify her sociopathic antics will literally have you laughing out loud.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 240 pages
Publisher She Writes Press
Publish Date 21-Jun-2022
ISBN 9781647423735 Buy this Book
Issue August 2022
Category Popular Fiction