Blin, Blon & Clon – 3105

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Miles Murphy is back, and the year is now 3105. In the aftermath of the political and environmental upheaval in 2101, the remaining humans fled the earth to start anew on the planet Tuz Nun Khar. Along with his friend Jay, Miles opened a Privet Investigators office in his new homeland. Miles hears that his friends — nightclub owner Lorelei and President Gabby of Tuz Nun Khar — were dead. Now he must travel back to Earth to find the killer and save his adopted homeland from total annihilation.

Futuristic fiction author, John Exe’s Blin, Blon & Clon- 3105: The Babylon Trilogy Book 3 is now out. This is the final chapter of the adventures of Miles Murphy and his friends as they navigate the ever-changing earth and a new home planet. Full disclosure, I have not read book one of Exe’s Babylon Trilogy but have read the second book of the series. Many of the characters, places, and events are carryovers from the previous novels. Exe gives enough of the backstories that this new installment can be read as a stand-alone story. This quick-paced adventure has all the action and drama of Exe’s previous writings with the addition of giant slugs, an orangutan king, and mutated farm animals. Book Three is more fantasy than the strict sci-fi feel of Book Two.

At times Exe’s work has similarities to Edgar Rice Burroughs’ “Barsoom” series. Miles Murphy shares a lot of the same hypermasculine qualities as Burroughs’ John Carter. With the complexity of many contemporary sci-fi stories out today, this novel seems a bit predictable. With only one character to save the day, get out of a tight fix, or get the girl, it is rather one-sided. The pacing of the novels also seems similar, with major events happening just hours apart. With all the nonstop action, Murphy needs to be superhuman, which makes him a bit unrealistic.

Apart from the main character and timeline, Blin, Blon & Clon- 3105 is still a relevant novel with a dire warning. Exe’s Babylon worlds exist because of “…greedy politicians and global corporations…’ ruining Earth’s environment. Many science fiction authors are good at predicting the future. A world of Super Malls and changing geography, as described by Exe, may not be that far off. To deal with the catastrophic demise of air, land, and water quality, the world’s populations might end up in these giant compounds. When that time comes, we could hope for someone like Miles Murphy to help us survive.

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Star Count 3.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 230 pages
Publisher Amazon
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Issue July 2022
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy