Faith-AerielQ. Why did you want to start reviewing for SFBR?

A. I was actually applying for a position on the editorial staff at San Francisco Book Review and when I was hired I started reviewing book too. It’s been great to be able to expand my taste in books and I’ve read much more widely than I might have otherwise been able to. It’s also been a great opportunity for me to gain some recognition as freelance writer thanks to all the interviews and articles I was able to do while on staff.


Q. What book do you recommend to everyone?

A. I think everyone should read The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller, especially if they’re interested in historical fiction or mythology. It’s just so beautifully written. It’s the only book I’ve read more than twice – I think I’m up to six or seven.


Q. What fictional place would you like to visit?

A. Hogwarts, of course. I did get to visit the Warner Brothers studio while I was in London and they have a lot of the movie sets like Diagon Alley and the Great Hall (set for an end of the year feast!), so I guess that will have to tide me over.


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