Christina-BoswellQ. Why did you want to start reviewing for SFBR/MBR?

A. I was reading books and reviewing them for my church when I thought, I wonder if there are more outlets for me to do this in? So I typed “book review jobs” in Google and SFBR was one of the top ones that came up. I checked out the website and I liked what I saw so I filled out the application and sent in some samples of my work. I heard back within the month and started reviewing right away. I love being able to pick and choose which books I want to review and love finding new authors that I want to keep following.


Q. What fictional characters would you like to see staring in a book together and what would it be about? 

A. I would love to see a book where Elizabeth Bennett and Sherlock Holmes are solving a mystery, mostly in competition. I think it would be even better if Elizabeth bested him!


Q. Other than reading, what do you like to do with your free time?

A. I’m not much of an artist, but I love to color. I feel like that gives me the joy of art without having to freestyle! I also love everything Marvel and DC Comics. I love watching their TV shows and movies. But I also love musicals, so I’m a bit of an enigma. I also LOVE playing video games, anything from Halo and Call of Duty to Super Mario and the Lego games.


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