Zombiestop Parade

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When two friends create a Web site called Zombiestop, they hope to encourage constructive anarchists like themselves to discuss how to undermine authority in order to defend the process of discourse. They never intend to encourage extreme outcomes or violence. But in a society where many have been economically destroyed, that might very well be the inevitable result. Richard Buzzell’s book, Zombiestop Parade, is filled with personal, political, and economic drama. The book’s narrator and his friend Corky learn that The Jackal, an unknown militant computer hacker, has broken into confidential bank records and has leaked information regarding illegal money laundering and offshore tax schemes to the public. The Jackal posts his findings on Zombiestop where the narrator serves as a media relations representative and the face of the Web site. Now he is recording a diary of the events.

The Jackal is urging the site’s readers to hack into financial institutions on their own. As media attention grows, a pro-corporate rights commentator’s mansion is anonymously fire-bombed. Is The Jackal responsible? Is it a Zombiestop supporter? The FBI becomes interested in the violence as a potential act of political terrorism and questions the Zombiestop creators.

The diary format is readable, but some of the entries feel like individual diatribes or rants on specific points that have little or no flow to the next entry. This is not an easy read if you are not familiar with business or economic terms (i.e., corporatist versus marketist mythology). Although personal details about the characters are included, it is still a bit dry. Readers who spend time online and understand cyber business tactics will better appreciate the plot. This would be a good text for college students who are looking for a book with a unique style and a lot to say about the corporate world.

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Star Count 2/5
Format Trade
Page Count 169 pages
Publisher CreateSpace
Publish Date 30-Mar-2011
ISBN 9781461051985
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Issue September 2011
Category Popular Fiction


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