Whitehall (Season 1 Episode 7): “Imperfect Enjoyment”

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Catherine and Charles continue to grow closer and he has chosen to stay true to his word and only lay with her leaving Barbara longing for him. The arrival of the Muscovite complete with pomp and circumstance, gifts and desire for alliance begins dinners, events and celebrations that will last for forty days. They also appear to be igniting scandal, desire, longing, new romance and mischief throughout Whitehall. Religion is contemplated by many characters as a means of solace, interest, hope and a way to bring down the queen. Whitehall is buzzing with Catherine trying to produce an heir to no avail, a young man who claims he is the legitimate heir with proof and people who will use both to their advantage. With continued hope for love between the king and queen always teetering the only innocent and possible love story we have so far is with Jenny and Thom. Love, religion and a child. Things that hold so much more power than one would think.

Episode 7 of Whitehall is full of scandal with a capital “S”. The affection growing between the king and queen is quickly overshadowed by not only Barbara, which is no surprise, but a slew of other characters that have much to gain and much to lose. Imperfect Enjoyment is a perfect title for this episode because there is much to enjoy and celebrate throughout but some scenarios and characters mar it with their personal agendas. Stay tuned. With each episode getting more intriguing, episode 8 will hopefully follow suit!

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Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 25 pages
Publisher Serial Box Publishing
Publish Date
ISBN 9781682100745
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Issue July 2016
Category Historical Fiction


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