Where Kids Go to School Around the World (Kids Around the World)

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Youngsters may think school is much the same everywhere. They will be surprised to learn how different school is in other places. Not all children have the chance to go to school, but most do have some kind of learning. Here starting school at five is typical, as is going to a building and taking tests. But it isn’t that way everywhere. In some places, kids start school at four but in others, they don’t start until seven. In Bangladesh, children have school in a big boat. They even have a recess boat with slides and swings! In Japan, everyone wears uniforms and bows to their teachers. Finnish children don’t sit at desks. They have couches and bean bag chairs and even exercise balls to sit on. There are even schools in refugee camps.

The authors have included fifteen different kinds of schools in many different places. The writing is friendly and conversational. Every spread has a different school with several blocks of text covering different aspects of the school arranged around a central illustration, showing children in the particular school setting. The illustrations are bright and inviting with plenty of details to keep youngsters engaged.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 36 pages
Publisher Albatross Media
Publish Date 20-Jun-2023
ISBN 9788000067728
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Issue October 2023
Category Children's