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“It’s never too late” is an interesting quote. Is it never too late to make things right with a loved one? Is it never too late to make amends for the sins of the father? Warned takes a look at these themes, while also delivering a classic survival story. The book, by Dustin Kuhlman, is really two narratives, which is one half ecological thriller and one half philosophical odyssey. The first storyline is set in the near future, 2041 AD. Humans are faced with the doomsday of all doomsdays. It is up to NASA scientist Jon Castel, and a team of the smartest people in the world, to save mankind. The other plot is set on Mars in 2045 AD. The same Jon Castel is marooned on Mars, with a few hours left to live. He meets an alien, named Buddy, that tells Jon that there is still hope for mankind.

The book alternates chapters so the dual storylines do not get muddled. There are clear distinctions between the past events and the present. Kuhlman excels at building suspense within the past by doing some wonderful foreshadowing. It adds a marvelous urgency to both parts. Characters are sharp and clean. From the gruff US Chief of Defense to the semi-omnipotent alien, each one is distinct in action and voice. The book does start off slow in the beginning, because it needs time to build up those characters. I really enjoyed the meta-philosophical aspects during Buddy and Jon’s talks. Instead of the Alien bestowing gifts of technology, the alien gives Jon knowledge for survival. This book will be a pleasure and change of pace for fans of the science fiction genre. This is an intelligent book about discovery, the human condition, and above all else, hope.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 265 pages
Publisher Admonish Publishing
Publish Date 17-May-2011
ISBN 9780982948903
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Issue August 2011
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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