Warcraft: The Official Movie Novelization

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Warcraft was adapted from screenplay to novel by Christie Golden. It follows Lothar as he is dealing with reports of mysterious attacks. Khadgar, a baby mage, once destined to be Azeroth’s next Guardian, approached Lothar about other attacks bearing similar evidence of the danger and insists the the Guardian of Azeroth be summoned. Lothar takes him to King Llane. The King sends Lothar and Khadgar to Karazahn, home of the Guardian.

What they find is unsettling to say the least. The once bustling tower is now devoid of the staff necessary to keep it running. Only Medivh, his personal attendant Moroes, and a few kitchen and forge people remain. Medivh himself looks drawn and haggard, not at all the person Lothar met. Khadgar convinces Medivh to come help against this new threat.

Said threat turns out to be fel-tainted Orcs from another world, a world now dead. They were brought to Azeroth by Gul’dan, an orcish warlock. Skirmishes with the weaker but more numerous humans lead the orc chieftain Durotan to seek a truce with the humans. A half-orc named Garona, slave to Gul’dan, is captured and turns traitor, helping Llane and Lothar.

Ultimately, Durotan is betrayed by his closest friend, his right hand. Durotan’s Frostwolf clan is wiped out, but this helps Orgrim see the true treachery and danger Gul’dan poses. He takes up Durotan’s cause, denouncing the fel and fighting alongside humans however briefly. They all get a surprise adversary in the form of the Guardian, Medivh. He has been corrupted by the fel as well. Khadgar comes into his own here, becoming in action the Guardian he had once hoped to be.

Warcraft as a game is a thing I have a passing familiarity with. I felt I never had the time to invest in a game that really never ends. I’m more a Final Fantasy kind of gal. I have, in the past, enjoyed Warcraft-based books suggested by a co-worker. I found this story engaging and the characters enchanting. Khadgar is quite the adorable little mage, no matter how strong he is. I’m fairly certain if you are a Warcraft fan, you’ll enjoy this read, and you certainly will if you are a fantasy fan. I really want to see the movie now! I also want to see more with these characters. So many questions raised, so many possibilities. Maybe another movie is in the works?

This book could really use another editing run-through. There were several grammatical errors and places where names were switched in a confusing manner. They were very noticeable to me, though they didn’t detract from the overall story. The most confusing parts were when the names randomly changed and I had to parse out who was really meant.

Recommended if you enjoy Warcraft, the Dragonlance stories of Weis and Hickman, or The Legend of Drizzt books by R.A. Salvatore.

Star Count 4/5
Format Mass
Page Count 304 pages
Publisher Titan Books
Publish Date 2016-Jun-07
ISBN 9781783295593
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Issue December 2016
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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