Twilight of Empire

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Does history repeat itself? Do the incidents that unfold over our shared history occur by chance or are they engineered by agents of good or evil? Twilight of Empire explores this in depth. Paul is a war veteran whose scarred memories replay the battlefield chaos on a nearly nightly reel. During his tours in Iraq, he witnessed the chronic ineptitude of government bureaucracy that served to derail the mission and prolong the war. He shares his jaded views on the current world with his girlfriend, Leyla. The democracy of the United States has been disintegrating before the public’s very eyes, an agenda enabled and guided by unseen actors of a “Deep State.” Leyla has seen some of Paul’s theories with her own eyes, as she works as an adviser for Senator Andi Jackson, who currently seeks answers on the precariousness of the broken financial system.

The 2007-08 financial disaster is still fresh in the minds of reformers such as Senator Jackson. The “Too Big to Fail” mentality was propped up as the reason for the exorbitant bailout granted to the banking system after the explosion of mortgage-backed securities and collateralized debt obligations and carefree risk-taking done by financial institutions. Jackson wants to question both sides of the financial imbroglio, the regulators and the regulated. However, the culprits behind the scenes want to derail Jackson and fight dirty in their methods.

Kirk Danner is a man on a mission, dwelling in the nether-regions of politics and government. He imbues the spirit of reform that Senator Jackson is looking for as an ally. Kirk is felled by an apparent stroke or aneurysm and is spirited to Germany for rehabilitation. As Kirk is recuperating, he speaks with Helen and Rose, who clue Kirk into truths about his forgotten past. Kirk is a long-lived warrior engaged in a constant battle with a group called “The Order,” who have had their fingers in everything nefarious or untoward for centuries. Helen and Rose help Kirk in viewing the various timelines where he has interacted with their henchmen. The recent events in the United States are a culmination of the cabal’s attempt at domination. The question is open as to whether they can be stopped.

Twilight of Empire is a wonderful thrill-packed book mixing history with science fiction. The pace steadily intensifies as a fight for the future progresses. Author WH Wisecarver has paved his way for a successful future as a writer with his new work.


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Star Count 4.5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 361 pages
Publisher Guardian Archives
Publish Date 2021-Mar-15
ISBN 9798593565891 Buy this Book
Issue March 2021
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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