Till Dawn

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In Till Dawn, what was predicted by NASA scientists as a “beautiful meteor shower” becomes a nightmare for the United States. Instead of having unsupervised fun with his friends like he planned, with his parents on a week-long vacation, seventeen-year-old Ryan Rogen and his friends are forced to flee his home and escape the destruction of the meteors that appear to be destroying the east coast and claiming lives unceasingly. Their situation becomes even gloomier when they discover more bizarre developments about the meteors, leaving the teenagers in a vulnerable state—both physically and mentally. Will Ryan and his friends remain united and find enough strength to survive the horrors from outer space? T.H. Alexander’s Till Dawn is a horror-themed, suspense-filled tale that follows a group of teenagers’ quest to survive extraterrestrial attacks and desperate, vicious humans.

My favorite aspect of the book is its expertly portrayed theme of teenage drama, which is strategically merged with the larger horror theme. For example, a possible, planned breakup is temporarily and secretly buried when the more troubling possibility of dying springs up.

We also see deep into the protagonist’s thoughts and inner struggles, through a third-person perspective, as he battles the possibility of dying, loss, and the gruesome nature of the monstrosities they face. I was almost equally affected emotionally, as I could barely keep my eyes open while reading such vivid descriptions as “a narrowed snout instead of a beak with an eight-inch tail on its end repeatedly slapping the carpet.”

Alexander paints a realistic picture of what living in a world decaying into chaos and panic feels like. The story, at times, veers from the main characters’ viewpoints to depict passionate discussions in the news about the state of the country.

Conversations about the level of preparedness of the US and who is to blame reminded me of how the media responded to the Covid-19 pandemic in the USA in 2020. Furthermore, finding people to trust in the new world proves quite difficult for the teenagers, who face gun owners and murderers as they search for safety.

When it comes to horror, spine-chilling stories centered on teenagers, it doesn’t get better than Till Dawn! Fans of Stranger Things and books by R. L. Stine and Stephen King will enjoy this epic, evocative book. I loved every bit of it. In addition to making me jumpy and keeping me glued from start to finish, it gave me a deeper appreciation for teamwork, resilience, and problem-solving skills.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 200 pages
Publisher Barnes and Noble Press
Publish Date 18-Oct-2022
ISBN 9798823178891
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Issue June 2023
Category Horror