The Z Tailgate

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After having survived the zombie apocalypse at the Burning Man festival in Nevada, Dr. Alan Gorman has been recruited by the Department of Homeland Security to share his experiences with the zombie outbreak, a disease named in his honor, and how to prepare for such an occurrence. Bruce, an outbreak survivor who owned nearby property, has leased it to the DHS as a compound for their research. Conner, who saved his girlfriend Cassie from the zombies, now tours with Dr. Gorman to speak to healthcare businesses, employing his expertise in hospital development and experience. They end up with an impromptu reunion back at Burning Man, where it all started.

However, just a few hours into their meeting, Conner and Dr. Gorman are called to a situation on a cruise ship in the Pacific to verify that an illness onboard is not Gorman’s disease. Duchess Cruise Lines has had some unfortunate press lately, so the management team is calling the shots, trying to limit the publicity from such an outbreak, even confiscating phones and limiting outside access.

Meanwhile, Bruce and Cassie go into the compound to pull several specimens for further testing. What they don’t know is that zombies are an international commodity (who knew?) and they are in the middle of a kidnapping that will take them from the compound in Nevada all the way to a tailgating event at the Coliseum Stadium in California. All four learn that saving the living from the dead is a full time job. A mix of zombie horror and international espionage, readers who enjoyed Deck Z or anything by Tom Clancy might enjoy this mash-up of genres. The quick pace of the story will cause most readers to skip right over the infrequent grammatical errors. While Riddle does a thorough job of explaining what happened in the first book, The Burning Z, pick up the first in the series and experience it yourself.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Other
Page Count 200 pages
Publisher HealthQuest Publishers
Publish Date 11-Jan-2016
ISBN 9780996664615 Buy this Book
Issue February 2016
Category Horror


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