The Weapon of My Delusion

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Hands down, the three books of The Weapon Of My Delusion will take you on the greatest genre hopping, adventure seeking, story branching, sub-plot twisting ride of your life! Opening into a mid- nineties, gun slinging, gas-horse riding, Sons of Anarchy type western amidst the legendary King Bounty Hunters, we find Joe “King Bounty Hunter Premier” on the run, wanted by his own KBH for supposedly killing his wife.

Book 1 starts with poetry song lyrics and a crazy wild tale of professionals with major social and personal issues, who all aspire to be the top dog within the KBH. When the love of Joe’s life is shot four times in the heart, supposedly by him, he takes off with a bounty on his head. Many of the KBH don’t believe he would do such a thing and talk conspiracy within their own ranks. But, who do you believe when every member has their own tics and specialties and is coming up dead, and knowing who to trust is nearly impossible? Worst of all, you’re to blame for their deaths too.

Book 2 finds Joe still alive and still being hunted by his fellow KBH. When the KBH finally catch up to him on, Joe feels his conscience start to spark. Has Joe had a change of heart and a will to live?

Book 3 ushers in more craziness and is packed with even more action! Readers will seriously want to make these three books a complete mini-vacation. Order enough food for the entire weekend, hire a babysitter if you have kids, and just hole yourself away as you plunge yourself into this non-stop action packed trio where feelings don’t matter and the more damaged goods you are the more appeal the story will hold. And what about the disgruntled cross-dressers, FBI agents and rogue police? Or Puppy Grind in the stolen hippy RV? With even more KBH turning up dead, who did kill Joe’s woman?

With so many great characters and the constant plot twists, you will find yourself neck deep in non-stop action unable to put the books down. I highly recommend this series to everyone, especially those who wouldn’t typically pick up a read such as this. You won’t regret it!

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Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 1063 pages
Publisher Smashwords
Publish Date 19-Jun-2014
ISBN 9781311052704 Buy this Book
Issue December 2014
Category Modern Literature


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