The Secret of Rosalita Flats

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The Secret of Rosalita Flats is about a man named Cal Batten who is called back to Blacktip Island, where his childhood memories await him. His father, Rhodes, has just passed away and Cal has inherited a monstrosity of a house appropriately named Batten’s Down. Cal just wants to find his father’s will and get the heck off the island so he can go home to his clock shop and his life as a newly single guy. What Cal doesn’t know is what the island has in store for him.

With a colorful cast of characters, The Secret of Rosalita Flats has adventure and surprises around every corner. Cal learns that his dad was in a relationship of sorts with the maid, Rosie, who won’t leave Cal or Batten’s Down alone. She says it’s because she has been paid in advance to clean the house and doesn’t want to let Rhodes down. Then there are Rafe, the local constable, and Marina, the scuba diving instructor. Both are childhood friends of Cal’s but for some reason, Rafe seems to dislike Cal being back.

What I enjoyed about this book was that there was always something happening so that Cal could not get off the island. From getting his house ransacked just about every time he or Rosie left it, to getting chummed while diving with Marina, poor Cal gets a run for his money as he finds out that his dad had more secrets than Victoria. I also really liked the characters. Although several of them were very seedy, the main characters were well described and really came to life on the pages of the story. The relationship that develops between Cal and Marina is also very endearing, as she repeatedly tricks him into diving in places that he is less than comfortable with so she can get a good laugh out of it.

What I would have loved to have read more about was Cal’s life back when he was a kid. I would have also liked to read a bit more about his mother and the backstory concerning when Rhode and Cal’s mother separated. This would have given a little insight into Cal’s behavior and personality throughout the book.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading The Secret of Rosalita Flats. With an easy-to-follow storyline, interesting characters, and a tropical island backdrop, I think anyone who enjoys mysteries in the form of a treasure hunt would enjoy this story.

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Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 285 pages
Publisher Devonshire House Press
Publish Date 2020-09-18
ISBN 9781735113616 Buy this Book
Issue October 2020
Category Humor/Fiction


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