The One Apart: A Novel

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The One Apart is a story about Aaron and his very intriguing life. Aaron is born to Sancha while she is still a teenager. Maria, Sancha’s mother, stands by her daughter when society declares her a pariah and supports her in raising Aaron. But Aaron is not a usual child. He is born into the world with complete knowledge of his previous existences. And as he grows into a young man surrounded with the love of his family, Aaron faces a great predicament in understanding who he is and why he is like that. Justine Avery has dealt with an extraordinary concept in this story. The entire idea of someone remembering everything from their past lives is so incredible! You start building a world of possibilities and questions surrounding it, even before reading. I was so awed with this concept that I had to read the story. I picked it up with lots of questions – how, what, and why!

Now, the book is around 580 pages long, and I was a little overwhelmed with this size. However, it is also conveniently arranged into 10 sections, each having another 10-15 tiny chapters; so you can devour it bit by bit during travel or short breaks. The One Apart has a fascinating plot with a convincing portrayal of characters that blends in perfectly with the story–rather tough for this type of story. As a reader, you go through all the anguish, caution, and love together with the characters. You will feel sad for Aaron as he lives through complicated experiences in his developing years.

The initial few chapters are an immersive experience; they keep you curious and hooked for more. However, after that, the narration becomes repetitive and tiresome. The mid portion of the story feels like a spiral, with recurring talks and complex ideas. Sentences are long and deal with complex notions. I had to re-read them at times and ended up being diverted from the story. From a reader’s perspective, there were opportunities to keep the length of story shorter and also intensify the pace. Many times the author oscillates between scenes in her narration that I found a little tedious to keep track of. But if you keep your patience through the middle, toward the end you shall be rewarded with a satisfying and emotional conclusion. At the end, all the confusion of the plot comes together to create a coherent picture of the world that you were in with this book.

The One Apart has an interesting plot with a mind-blowing concept at its foundation. If you are into trying a different genre or a unique story, this is the book you should be reading.

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Star Count 3.5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 568 pages
Publisher CreateSpace
Publish Date 2017-Dec-04
ISBN 9781221201701 Buy this Book
Issue December 2017
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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