The DNA of the Resilient Organization – How One Collective Heartbeat Creates Continuous Competitive Advantage

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I found The DNA of the Resilient Organization by Sandra A. Suran hard to read.
The author tries to put the concept of desire in its place. Then she moves on to discuss common knowledge, chemistry and new art of war. There are too many confusing topics. One thing is for sure, I was misled by the title of the book, making me think that the contents involved scientific interests. Even from the onset, the point the book tries to make is very unclear.

She breaks the book down to three major areas of concern: wonder glue, ability and finally unity. I wonder why the author tries to utilize scientific terms and flashy catch-phrases to describe a business-based discussion? Several questions that came up during the reading, in my mind, remained unanswered. Why has she chosen a book cover color that obscures the print on it? Why does she introduce topics with titles that seem misleading? She is probably a strong businesswoman because her ability to plow ahead is apparent, but her prowess as a writer remains a work in progress.

Under it all, I think the author really has something to say. I just wished she could have said it less cryptically. One the one hand, she points out obvious facts. On the other hand, she presents some of those facts in a more sophisticated argument. The result is vague. Too many hunch-word sentences. These contribute to the vagueness of her message. My main criticism is that the book is hard to read. Consequently, one walks away without a memorable thought. One thing worth mentioning is that she makes use of diagrams to clarify various hierarchical organizations. This is a positive step towards conveying her message.

The reading of a book should make you feel uplifted and enlightened. As a result, you keep coming back to the book for more. I found that understanding the author’s inside look was a chore. It made me wonder if I really wanted to return for more. When a book makes me feel so inclined, I have to inform others.

This author does have the potential to unleash some powerful arguments for her main premise. But, she must be focused on what is really important and not try to impress the reader with excessive language that misleads the unsuspecting reader. Writing a book is a privilege enjoyed by few out of the populace. Remember that as writers, we have the responsibility to the reader to deliver a worthwhile product that will endure. This product covets the language as an art. We are entrusted with maintaining that appearance.

I can assure the reader that I am not on a bashing campaign against authors I don’t like. Instead, I am on an enriching campaign, to support what it is that readers should expect out of literature. It is for that reason that I endure all the failures and setbacks so that readers can find what interests them selectively. Therefore, read this book with caution.

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Star Count 3/5
Format Hard
Page Count 256 pages
Publisher Stargazer Pub Co
Publish Date 2014-Jan-30
ISBN 9781933277219 Buy this Book
Issue June 2014
Category Science & Nature


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