The Commune

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This novel about the women’s movement is billed as a comic satire but I found it to be more of a snide, thinly veiled tale of revenge. Told from at least eight characters’ perspectives—but primarily, from Leora’s—it is laden with name-dropping, gossipy dialogue, and rumination, interspersed with a few slapstick scenes, such as a kayak overturning. Nearly all of the characters are spiteful, disparaging of others, unhappy, and disingenuous, and I found it impossible to root for any of them. Sentences such as “Leora sensed herself undergoing a transformation” are just plain clunky.

The plot centers on a loose commune of women and men over a summer spent planning a huge “Women’s Strike,” but we learn nothing of what it takes to create a social movement, only pseudo-feminists being alternately catty, lusty, insecure, or mean-spirited. I very rarely write negative reviews, but while the fictional “strike” succeeds, this novel does not.

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Star Count 1/5
Format Trade
Page Count 330 pages
Publisher Adelaide Books LLC
Publish Date 2021-Jul-04
ISBN 9781954351790 Buy this Book
Issue August 2021
Category Popular Fiction


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