The Bear and the Star

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Bear finds the biggest star ever that will illuminate the way for those traveling from near and far to join him for a special celebration of friendship and seasonal change. He is determined to find the perfect tree under which he and his friends can gather. He finds a wondrous evergreen tree, standing high upon a hilltop, and decides it will be well-suited for the occasion. Then, this mammoth-sized creature calls in all directions with a roar that is certain to awake any creature with ears. He begins trekking through the woods in search of his first formal invitees – a squirrel, a salamander, a raccoon, and another of his liking. Before long, his calls are heard throughout land and sky, and an array of furry animal friends as well as a multitude of humans begin to venture his way. Even the farmers cease their work for the day in order to join in the great festivities awaiting them. People from all regions and walks of life begin traveling with candles and instruments to join in the celebration to come! At last, they all gather around Bear’s hand-picked evergreen tree. As the star shines its brightness upon them, they know it is time for the peace and joy of the season to begin!

Author Lola Schaefer does a stellar job of telling a story with a relatively common theme–celebrating the change of the seasons–in a unique and luminous way. She uses beautiful imagery and language that is almost poetic in nature to enhance the flow of the words. They hold important meaning, while still being simple in nature and easy to decipher, making this original picture book a perfect choice for children ages 7-9 to read independently. The text is sprinkled with an element of surprise in that the author doesn’t explicitly share the main idea of the story with her readers. She allows them to carefully piece the details together on their own. Further, the unique illustrations add vibrancy and enticement to the pages. They are likely to appeal to older and younger children alike. Children as young as five are likely to enjoy this story, especially if it is read aloud to them by a loved one. Additionally, The Bear and the Star can be used as a special holiday read at Christmastime, due to the universal themes of joy and peace that are represented in it. The versatility of this heartwarming story is far reaching!

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Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher Greenwillow Books
Publish Date 24-Sep-2019
ISBN 9780062660374 Buy this Book
Issue October 2019
Category Children's


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