Stewie BOOM! Boss of the Big Boy Bed

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Themes of family love and patience are highlighted in this sweet story about growing up, as Stewie’s transition to his new bed winds up involving his whole family.

When Stewie’s mother tell him that it’s time for him to move into a big boy bed, Stewie is a little skeptical, but figures that because he likes his big brother Zoom’s things, he will like the bed. In reality, the change is a little bit more complicated. Deciding that his bed “didn’t feel quite right”, Stewie finds himself wandering around the house, crawling into his parents’ bed, and even his sister’s crib, looking for a place to sleep. He finally settles into Zoom’s bed for the night. When he wakes up, he realizes he spent the whole night sleeping in a bed that’s just like his own, new bed. Excited at the prospect of sleeping in his own big boy bed at night, Stewie goes to the kitchen and announces his discovery to his family only to find them fast asleep.

Author Christine Bronstein effectively captures the Stewie’s reticence to be in the new bed through his thoughtful, funny and realistic wandering around, and considerations of the pros and cons of the other beds in the house. Bronstein, more importantly, conveys the love and patience of most the family members (except for Stewie’s little sister who declares “GET OUT!”) as they continually encourage Stewie to remain in his bed, or just allow him, as Zoom does, to stay in the bed.

While the story itself is sweet and engaging, the colorful and detailed illustrations complement the story’s message by reinforcing the warmth and humor of the story. For example, in the illustration of Stewie’s mum and dad building the bed – an event that Stewie describes as taking “hours and hours and hours” to build, Stewie’s father is holding a large sheet of paper that reads: “Big Bed Instructions. 1. Count: 17,000 parts 2. Good luck.” The story, combined with the illustrations, with their expressive faces, bright colors, and lots of items to evoke emotion and spark conversation in young children, makes for an enticing reading and visual experience for children and parents alike.

Stewie Boom! Boss of the Big Boy Bed serves up a delightful bedtime story and a lesson in growing up.

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Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 62 pages
Publisher Nothing But The Truth Publishing
Publish Date 30-Jul-2015
ISBN 9780996307406 Buy this Book
Issue July 2015
Category Children's


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