Spooky California: Tales Of Hauntings, Strange Happenings, And Other Local Lore

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For a country that’s only a few hundred years old (officially, anyway), there’s a truly remarkable number of ghost stories, urban legends, and supernatural tales to be found all across the country. And California, a state that is synonymous with big dreams and taking big risks to achieve those dreams, has more than its fair share.

From magicians who can raise the dead to mischievous creatures lurking in the gold mines, from ghostly hauntings to evil eyes and tales of men buried alive, this is good old-fashioned nightmare fuel, material for campfire tales that will send shivers up your spine.

Okay, maybe I’m overselling just a tad. But I thoroughly enjoyed the stories collected in Spooky California, even if they played on familiar tropes of lost love, betrayal, and selfish folks getting their just desserts. These stories are universal for a reason… place them anywhere, and they’ll fit. Sure, some of these tales could only happen in California — hence the title — but most will be familiar (and yet, still a little spooky) to readers from all over.

Spooky California will keep you engaged from start to finish. But bring a blanket to hide under… just in case.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 264 pages
Publisher Globe Pequot
Publish Date 2019-07-01
ISBN 9781493040773
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Issue August 2019
Category History


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