Shotgun Lovesongs

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Little Wing, Wisconsin is a small town with one real claim to fame: Lee, the rock star who calls the town home. While folks live hardscrabble lives working their farms or rebuilding the dilapidated mill as a thriving business and social center for Little Wing’s future, Lee returns to town with his beautiful celebrity girlfriend on his arm. As everyone prepares for a big wedding and Lee’s group of friends reunites, long-buried secrets and new revelations emerge, rewriting the past and changing their lives forever.

Shotgun Lovesongs is a story about the story we all tell ourselves, the story of how life was supposed to go, instead of how it went. Butler easily captures the melancholy of realizing what might’ve been, turning a bright light on what happens when nostalgia bumps up against reality. Butler’s cast of small-town characters – the ones who stayed and toughed it out, as well as the ones who left and came back, having made good on their potential – are immensely believable, recognizable to anyone with long friendships, complete with old secrets and resentments that can bubble up unexpectedly.

Shotgun Lovesongs is every friendship (and a few love stories) wrapped up in one engaging package.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 320 pages
Publisher Thomas Dunne Books
Publish Date 2014-Mar-11
ISBN 9781250039811 Buy this Book
Issue May 2014
Category Modern Literature


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