Sheep Dog and Sheep Sheep: Baaad Hair Day

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Sheep loves to put her wool in different hairstyles until it gets too long for her to be able to see. She figures out she needs some help when she starts falling into things. Sheep Dog tries to help out but ends up going on the hunt to find Sheep Sheep. Eventually, she finds out that getting sheared doesn’t mean her wool is gone forever, but that it simply just get shorter and grows back.

This book is fantastic! From the end papers to the story inside, this was a treat to read to my children multiple times. My kids loved that Sheep Sheep calls the ducks “water chickens.” My daughter really loved Sheep Sheep’s hairdos. They both thought her stepping into the cow poop and when Sheep Dog got underwear stuck to his head after Sheep Sheep is looking for something to keep her wool out of her eyes was hilarious. This was also very appropriate for them because they needed haircuts and couldn’t get them during the Covid-19 for several weeks past our appointment. So, they really felt like Sheep Sheep.

I think the characterization is fantastic. I love Sheep Sheep’s personality. She is outspoken, joyful, and just fun to read. The play back and forth between the serious dog and spunky sheep was fun. I laughed when the sheep blames the dog for not watching out where she was going when she couldn’t see. I feel like that dog has to be the most patient sheep dog in the world.

The illustrations depicted the text so well. They are detailed but have great spacing at the same time. Sheep Sheep and Sheep Dog’s personalities shine through so well in the pictures. Starting the end papers with Sheep Sheep’s hairdos was my favorite. My favorite scene is when she is wearing the Texas-sized cowboy hat and takes if off, revealing her wool to be in the exact shape of the hat. I appreciated the subtle details of the Texas license plate and the paper Sheep Dog is holding that says “Shearing Day: Today.”

The text was sparse but meaningful. It powerfully conveyed exactly what the author/illustrator wanted the character to say and sound like. Sheep Sheep and Sheep Dog’s voices come through very clearly. “Holy begonias” and “water chickens” are my two very favorite lines.

The social, emotional, and educational value of this book is taking something that kids are familiar with and turning it into a fun lesson. It answers the following fun questions: How does a sheep get a haircut? What does the sheep think about getting a haircut? Is she scared about the haircut like kids are about haircuts? Does hair grow back when it is cut? What is it called when a sheep gets a haircut? Does she like it in the end? I think this is important because many kids do get anxiety about haircuts. They do need fun characters to go through the experience and find out it is okay.

In conclusion, I loved this book and I think everyone should buy it for their kids because it is fun, funny, and teaches us that haircuts are okay. I would recommend it for three- to eight-year-olds. I think every age will find something they love in this book. Very well done.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher HarperCollins
Publish Date 2020-06-30
ISBN 9780062677396 Buy this Book
Issue June 2020
Category Children's


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