Shallow Graves

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Breezy wakes up in a grave, having lost a year of her life. The last thing she remembers is going to a party with her best friend. She is confused and scared, especially about the dead man by her shallow grave, who radiated danger and death. She quickly figures out that she doesn’t need to breathe or sleep, and food is only necessary to fit in. Her new existence baffles her, because it doesn’t match any monster she knows. She knows she can’t go home, so she decides the next step is to find out what she is.

She is directed to a compound for helping those who don’t fit in, and eradicating evil throughout humanity. While this was not the life she expected at 17, she knows the compound may provide answers, but at what risk? She intends to find out, but on her own conditions, not those of a religious zealot. This horror story is told in flashbacks and memories, and information is given on a need-to-know basis as the story develops. Those seeking a fresh twist on the horror genre will enjoy this supernatural story, with new monsters and dark characters with hidden pasts.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 368 pages
Publisher Katherine Tegen Books
Publish Date 26-Jan-2016
ISBN 9780062366207 Buy this Book
Issue April 2016
Category Young Adult


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