My Father’s Keeper

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As an eight-year-old boy, Mishek and his family lived in Poland as freely practicing Jews. Then 1940 hits. The Nazis inevitably invade Poland, and Mishek and his family are forced to flee the country. During their escape, Mishek sees his true family dynamic begin to evolve, and the consequences shatter his relationship with his father Zyga even after they start a new life in the United States. It isn’t until Mishek dates an American girl who bonds with his father that he is able to start to make amends, and he realizes that his memories of the past may not be what he thinks they are.

From the first page, My Father’s Keeper is thrilling and heart-breaking. The writing is simplistic yet beautiful, and the voice Potok creates for Mishek allows us to truly be a part of the emotions as readers. The story itself is overwhelmingly poignant; it left me with a strange deep, hollow feeling of sadness, one that I could not shake for days after finishing the novel. My Father’s Keeper will make an emotional impact even after just a few pages of reading.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 268 pages
Publisher Fomite
Publish Date 2014-Feb-27
ISBN 9781937677459 Buy this Book
Issue August 2014
Category Modern Literature


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