Messenger’s Legacy

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In a world under siege by demons that arise every night, small warded towns are virtually all that remains of humanity. When disaster strikes a family of outcasts in the town of Bogton, only the youngest son Briar survives, living off scraps in a junkyard bog and keeping the demons at bay. Years later, rumors of the boy’s survival reach an old family friend, a retired messenger who undertakes a perilous journey to Bogton in the hopes of finding Briar safe.

Messenger’s Legacy brings to life both a world of epic scale and a realistic small town ruled by suspicion and superstition. Although I was unfamiliar with the Demon Cycle novels that precede this novella, I had no problem quickly picking up on setting, circumstances, and the rules of magic that govern the characters’ lives.

Brett capably shepherds Briar from childhood to manhood, all the while hinting at much larger concerns throughout the land. Although Briar is clearly an insignificant player in the grand scheme of things, his story nonetheless resonates with other characters and readers alike. He’s no one, which is precisely why he’s important. It’s a wonderful side message to include in a story about loyalty, perseverance, and sincerity.

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Star Count 3.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 136 pages
Publisher Subterranean
Publish Date 2014-Nov-30
ISBN 9781596066984 Buy this Book
Issue February 2015
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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