In the Room of Thirsts & Hungers

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In the dark mirror of American history, author Indigo Moor traces the story of Othello and the triumphant talent of Paul Robeson reflected against the oppression that has been the fate of black people in both narrative and American life. In 1930, Robeson was the first black actor to portray Othello. He was a great actor but also a true renaissance man. He was a legendary football star, a singer, a civil-rights advocate (at great peril), and a lawyer. Robeson’s father had been born into slavery, and so Robeson’s life was devoted to becoming an exemplar of black intelligence and accomplishment. In spite of his accomplishments, many in the black community decried Robeson for not doing more. In much the same way, the role of Othello has often been seen as demeaning to black people. Moor is heroic in joining these legends in his new book of poetry to demonstrate the treachery and long road of ignominy that these figures and others faced. The poems are beautifully crafted and resonate with a command of history and literature. Highly recommended.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 65 pages
Publisher Main Street Rag Publishing Company
Publish Date 2017-Aug-31
ISBN 9781599486390 Buy this Book
Issue April 2018
Category Poetry & Short Stories


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