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Galahad’s Fool, by Bishop and Fuller, is a romantic work that describes the inner madness a writer must go through to move on with his life. Albert has recently lost his wife and partner, Laine, but even so, he decides to make another puppet show, this time without her. The story, Galahad’s Fool, is about a fool named Sammy, a knight named Galahad, and a noblewoman named Mara. As the puppet show continues to develop, Albert begins to merge with the characters and realize the depths of his depression. But within that darkness, he also realizes what it means to live again.

Albert did resonate with me. When he loses his wife, he becomes enamored with his work, all the while living the shell of an empty life that he still clings to. But with the creation of Galahad’s Fool, Albert manages to embrace life once again by immersing himself in the confines of his characters. The play delves into his most vulnerable psychological state and acts as a way for him to help cope with Laine’s death. This concept shows in Albert’s interactions, as in how the romance between he and Jenny feels a bit forced, almost rushed, and in how negatively he reacts to Mara’s interruptions when she’s trying to update him on aspects of her life. It’s as if Albert has just woken up from a dream and is now having to deal with an annoying alarm clock.

Though there were times when the play was a bit confusing, I was nevertheless enamored. Sammy the Fool may seem like a simple idiot who laughs in the face of life. However, both Galahad and Lady Mara value him because of the happiness he brings. And when this simplistic fool dies, it leaves an empty void within these characters’ lives, as if every smile they managed to make was soon shrouded in darkness. When it was revealed to be Laine in the end, it goes to show the parallels between Albert’s life and the play he’s written. He was a small light in a world filled with cruelty, and there was a bit of happiness despite all the sorrows of the book.

Galahad’s Fool is a representation of the passion that writers tend to get lost in. Though we pride ourselves as artists, perhaps even wordsmiths, there are times when we get lost in our imaginations and we forget to go back. We romanticize reality from a distance, but we also have to have an anchor to pull us back in. This book is perfect for writers and artists alike, and it serves as a reminder of how we have to return to life every once in a while.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 196 pages
Publisher WordWorkers
Publish Date 2018-Jun-01
ISBN 9780999728703 Buy this Book
Issue July 2018
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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