FLEE (A NomaD Thriller Book 2)

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A new pandemic is spreading across the world, threatening young and old alike. The disease dubbed RF-51 shows as redness on one’s hands and typically kills within fifty-one days. The plague hit home for Damon as Claire’s scream reverberated through their apartment. Damon wants to help, but Claire pushes him away. Claire runs an organization that destroys landmines worldwide, she is high profile and thus vulnerable. Damon knows the consequences of Claire’s new affliction being discovered and her being taken away from him. Damon resolves to use his covert resources and travels far and wide to locate a possible cure to save Claire.

A blogger named Jonny Munch is interested in the General Williams Foundation and the suspicious death of General Williams. He wants to speak with Claire but is introduced to a subordinate instead. Jonny is taken with the beautiful woman who sets him off on a fact-finding trip to Europe, where parts of the continent are inundated with cases of RF-51 and other areas seem unaffected. As Jonny begins to have doubts about his assignment, the pandemic and acts of terrorism begin to merge and danger is everywhere.

The pandemic has led to authoritarian measures in the affected countries. People with red hair have been singled out for scrutiny if not persecution. Claire must stay one step ahead of roving bands of bounty hunters, seeking to capture the infected and turn them in for a reward or possibly do something even more sinister. Claire is a skilled assassin, but she knows she can’t operate in plain sight. Despite being pushed away, Damon has her covert maneuverings covered so she can remain anonymous and mobile.

Time is of the essence for Claire, Damon, and Jonny as events begin to spiral out of control.

FLEE is the latest stimulating thriller from the mind of polished author Joe Klingler (Rats, Tune-Up). Klingler dispenses with a drawn-out preamble in getting to the thick of an adrenalin-rich plot. Claire is not used to being in a vulnerable position, and her impending mortality has her justifiably scared. Damon is a man with a near-bottomless depth of assets and IOUs, and his concern for Claire has him dedicated to using every last one to preserve her life.

The shadow of COVID-19 and its devastation is the predecessor of RF-51, the palpable anger of the public and the fear of the unknown are tangible and relatable. Klingler once again proves his mastery in penning a thriller that is both highly intelligent and awash with mystery and thrills.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 523 pages
Publisher Cartosi LLC
Publish Date 15-Feb-2023
ISBN 9781941156142
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Issue July 2023
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller