Everything Is the Worst: A Book for People Who Just Can’t

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Are you having a day when everything seems to be going wrong, when it doesn’t matter what you try, nothing works? Need a little cheering up? If schadenfreude is your thing, this book for you. It has quotes from some of the inspiring leaders of today such as Amy Schumer or Tom Haverford or Mindy Kaling, or at least from characters they play. There are tips about important skills such as getting out of promises you have made, and it has relevant statistics like how many times a day the average English speaker swears (85, in case you care). Sage advice can help you know when to give up, such as, “You thought you texted Nicole about Becca but accidentally sent it to Becca instead.” How can that not help you to put things in perspective? These helpful bits are scattered throughout a book of beautifully illustrated and uplifting sayings, like “some cliche bullsh*t” or “Leave me alone, K?” or “I’m so freaking over it.” These are all suitable for framing to become daily inspirations in your life. Or you could give it as a gift, if you happened to care enough to give anyone a gift.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 96 pages
Publisher Workman Publishing Company
Publish Date 2018-Apr-03
ISBN 9781523503537
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Issue July 2018
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