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Enlightenment by Raminder Bajwa is an exceptional collection of poems that features a wide selection of themes —love, peace, faith, secrets, and prayers. It’s a collection that invites readers to celebrate their human heritage and to find meaning in the simplest gestures of life. The poems are hugely marked by that subtle richness of language that combines eloquence with simplicity, and a very careful attention to details — a stir, a rising wave, a hushed dawn, a stifled laughter, a faint expression on the face! They are fierce without losing the tenderness that soothes the heart and brings it to recollection and peace. Bajwa is a brilliant poet who knows how to use language to unveil the soul of any emotion, sentiment, and gesture. He writes about the things humans share in common, making it easy for anyone to connect with his message. But it is most arresting to see how the poet skillfully uses his language to lay bare the diverse seasons of the soul. The style is deceptively simple, but beneath that simplicity of language, there is a powerful current—a wave of love that will undoubtedly inundate the hearts of readers. Through a combination of powerful, yet subtle, images and symbols, the poet offers a gift to humanity, a gift that is as universal as it is timeless.

This collection comes across as a rare gift of love, evoking the pure sentiment of joy, and an intimate connection to life and humanity. It’s a song of pure joy composed with different strings of the life that throbs within humanity.Enlightenment is a brilliant collection that is powerful and focused, inundated with practical wisdom and kindness, an excellent addition to the great poetry that has inspired millions over the ages. Bajwa’s poetry is a well-wrapped gift of beauty and insight; a work to be read and shared with loved ones.

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Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 104 pages
Publisher CreateSpace
Publish Date 03-Feb-2015
ISBN 978152336819
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Issue February 2016
Category Poetry & Short Stories


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