Dream of Civility

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Dream of Civility by Jeffrey Scott Liebling is a stunning opening to the King Arthur & His Knights series, a powerful revival of a legendary character who has fascinated literary minds and fans of myths and legends for centuries: King Arthur. It is the period of the Dark Age in Britannia, and the Romans have withdrawn, leaving the entire land in utter chaos. It is at this time that, while Uther Pendragon, the powerful warlord, struggles to maintain some peace and order, a hero rises, Arthur, with the help of a wizard, Myrddin. Wielding his magical sword, Arthur will create the famous round table of knights, men with the special mission to serve and protect the King and Camelot. This first part of the tale features the wedding of King Arthur to Gwynevere, and readers get to know extraordinary characters, including witches and wizards, warlords and Queens.

Dream of Civility is a mesmerizing tale of Camelot and its origins, of magic at its peak, and the mystery of King Arthur, a fast-paced, compelling story that will plunge readers straight into dreamland. The story is filled with powerful and legendary characters—many of them—but they are not easy to forget. Those who have watched the series Merlin and read other tales about King Arthur will be thrilled with this story.

Jeffrey Scott Liebling is a terrific writer who does a marvelous job in bringing life to areas of a familiar story that could have been boring to some readers. The English is impeccably good, with wonderful descriptions, and an excellent mastery of point of view. The setting is colorful and easily imaginable, a kingdom and a time readers would love to travel to. It is fascinating to watch Arthur as he brings his group together and the curious circumstances in which he meets some of the knights; it is fascinating to follow the fight between good and evil, to watch alliances being formed, and to read about the friction between magic and nature. Dream of Civility is absorbing, highly engaging, and electrifying. I will be reading it again, soon.

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Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 840 pages
Publisher Inkwater Press
Publish Date 2016-08-01
ISBN 9781629013572
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Issue November 2016
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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