Doc’s Rules

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The security around the mysterious crash-landed UFO classified as Object Alpha Bell Tower has been compromised, and the ship and its deadly cargo are now under the control of Victor Rykoff, a sadistic, horribly mutilated mad man. Rykoff has given Dr. Kay Waterstone an ultimatum: either help him study the ship and harvest the deadly material it carries or watch her daughter, April Waterstone, die. Reluctantly, and without much choice, Dr. Waterstone assists Rykoff’s team in collecting the enigmatic matter from the crash site. But the material in the craft isn’t exactly what it seems to be, and Dr. Waterstone can hardly believe what her research is beginning to reveal about the alien substance and the ship it comes from.

In the meantime, H.I. Tech and April Waterstone, along with H.I. Tech’s father, Dr. Jules Verne Tech, and deadly government agent, Alex Malone, are already en route to the crash site. The going is far from easy, but even being ambushed, shot at, nearly blown up, and narrowly escaping a thundering waterfall isn’t quite enough to distract H.I. Tech from trying to get April to talk to him again and to forgive him for his past mistake that caused their friendship to go up in flames.

It was a treat to read Doc’s Rules after reviewing the first book in the series, H.I. Tech, because the progress Jacobs has made in his narrative style is impressive. Everything in Doc’s Rules feels kicked up a notch – the action is explosive (no pun intended), the characterizations have more depth, and the conflicts are more intense. Jacobs has definitely delivered with his second book, giving the reader more insight and a deeper view of his characters. The wait is now on for book three in the series!

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 252 pages
Publisher CreateSpace
Publish Date 04-Apr-2012
ISBN 9781463565626 Buy this Book
Issue October 2012
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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