Crazy Stupid Love

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Decklan is a motorcycle riding bad boy bar owner with a chip on his shoulder. Kimber is a college freshman that comes from a life of privilege, who moves across the country in order to attend a university far from home. Kimber is attempting to live her life away from her overbearing parents and a boyfriend that just won’t give up on their failed relationship. When Kimber meets Decklan one night at his club, they are immediately drawn to one another, but what happens when Decklan feels he just isn’t good enough for Kimber? Can she convince him otherwise?

Unfortunately Crazy Stupid Love manages to use every plot cliché possible in New Adult romance. The bad boy/good girl, the secrets, the sordid past…there are plot holes that aren’t resolved (Decklan is supposedly an alcoholic? She has a boyfriend that just won’t let go?), so the book feels incomplete. The ending was rushed and at no point did I really feel “connected” to either of the characters. Fans of the genre may like this one, but I was left with the feeling that I’ve read this one before and it’s not one that will stay with me.

Star Count 3/5
Format eBook
Page Count
Publisher Melissa Toppen
Publish Date 19-Apr-2016
ISBN Buy this Book
Issue June 2016
Category Erotica


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