Cade’s Rebellion

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When injustice sweeps our cities and towns like mighty rushing winds, who among us will stand and fight? In Edward Sheehy’s novel, Cade’s Rebellion, Jack Cade is the one—the man who will stand and fight.

Cade is a U.S. Army veteran suffering from PTSD after tragedy struck his unit in Iraq. A bad conduct discharge, a divorce, and a job as a cab driver leave him no choice but to reside in a low-income complex called Glebe Valley Apartments. Glebe Valley rests in a diverse area—Chapelita—that is home to a host of Salvadoran families. Urban Renaissance Partners (URP) want to tear down Glebe Valley and turn Chapelita into an upscale urban experience—in other words, they want to gentrify. Cade has seen Iraqis displaced; he’s experienced castigation after serving his country….But no more. Cade decides he will organize and fight the URP. Cade is willing to sacrifice everything, and his willingness makes him a target. With money on the line, how far will URP go to secure Glebe Valley?

I recommend this book to EVERYONE. It is a fantastic read. I appreciate Sheehy’s integration of female and male characters of various ethnicities. As a black woman, I was a bit skeptical of how he would pull off the expressions and mannerisms of black and brown characters, but he does. The characters feel authentic, not overdone or stereotypical. Another plus is Sheehy’s comparison of displaced Iraqis, Salvadoran refugees, and victims of gentrification in America. Readers will walk away recognizing the connection between all humans who are forced from their home or who are ignored because of status, class, race, or ethnicity. I was shocked to learn that Sheehy’s novel is his modern rendition of a thirteenth-century true story. His knowledge of history, law, diverse ethnicities, PTSD, and many other topics truly shines in this book. Not only will the reader enjoy Cade’s fight for social justice, but they will never see the ending coming. No question—this novel deserves the title bestseller.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 267 pages
Publisher Dog Ear Publishing
Publish Date
ISBN 9781457560248 Buy this Book
Issue August 2018
Category Modern Literature


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