Buzz!: Inside the Minds of Thrill-Seekers, Daredevils, and Adrenaline Junkies

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Whether you admire their guts or you think they’re insane, you cannot deny that there is a wow factor to those individuals who engage in extreme activities. The derring-do of stuntmen, X-Games performers, Nitro Circus stars, and more gets categorized as thrill-seeking behavior. The practitioners are labeled as adrenaline junkies. And whether you approve or disapprove, you probably wonder what the appeal is. What makes these adventure seekers different from the average person?

Buzz! gets to the heart of that question by exploring the biochemistry and psychology of these individuals, whom Carter calls “high-sensation-seekers.” Carter strives to understand the effect these activities have on the brain and personality of people, exploring both nature and nurture in his pursuit of what makes a high-sensation-seeker tick.

And the journey is an absolutely fascinating one. Carter delves into the everyday lives of those who do not enjoy everyday stimuli, investigating both the positive and negative ramifications that high-sensation-seeking individuals experience. It’s an eye-opening look at not just those who are different, but ourselves. How we perceive risk. How we handle fear, anxiety, the unknown. How we push ourselves.

Part of what makes Buzz! such an engaging read is that it brilliantly balances the extreme with the mundane, couching amazing acts of risk-taking with science that applies to all of us.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 225 pages
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Publish Date 2019-10-21
ISBN 9781108738101 Buy this Book
Issue January 2020
Category Sports & Outdoors


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