Become the Force: 9 Lessons on How to Live as a Jediist Master

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It’s nice to be wrong sometimes.

When I picked up this book, I expected some quote-filled tie-in or boilerplate Philosophy 101 class with Star Wars sprinkles; instead I found a meaningful examination of religion, belief, and the Force, all filtered through the author’s personal experiences as a fan, a wannabe spokesman, and, later, a humble advocate for a different way of embracing your fandom and potential.

Become the Force is the story of the Church of Jediism and all the heartfelt lessons represented by this admittedly young, but no less legitimate, way of exploring one’s spirituality. As Jones takes you through his tumultuous life and his struggles bringing awareness of the Jediist faith as he envisioned it, he walks the reader through various meditations on life, faith, and what the Force could mean to you.

Sure, a cynic could see this as more happy-go-lucky self-help claptrap, but to anyone who has been genuinely moved by the Star Wars films, here you can see one man’s attempt to distill the best of those movies into lessons for everyday life. I think Yoda would be proud.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 304 pages
Publisher Watkins Publishing
Publish Date 2017-Nov-07
ISBN 9781786780904 Buy this Book
Issue May 2018
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