A Void In You

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The clever way this tale is orchestrated compels the reader as he or she moves through this strange tangle of social interactions and adventures in A Void In You. All the nuances of this yarn cannot be captured, until the reader reads through and finishes the read, making the story compelling.

In a series of cafes, Ihops, and friends’ houses, our hero goes on a quest to find himself within a labyrinth of friends and acquaintances, hoping for a connection with a member of the opposite sex. Finally, Samantha, one of his interim conquests, catches his interest. Still, the outcome is nebulous, clogged with a variety of details that throws a red herring at the plot.

At first I was under the impression that this book was a how-to or some other genre of non-fiction. In the beginning, the dated matter seems stifling, but a deeper message prevails. The author seems to settle in on sub-themes of want vs. need, and the flow seems to satisfy that direction, where anticipation looms high. For light reading, this book is entertaining and thought-provoking. As it turns out it reads more like a novella, although it appears to be a chronicle of sorts. As the story takes on its form, the main character’s place becomes clear. He is overtaken with deep feelings for Samantha and has no desire to let them go, despite the fact that holding onto her complicates his life. Still, other complications underlie the storyline.

Although the dialogue theme lacks in drama, it moves the reader with a literary awakening. The use of language is quite modern and the dialogue is focused and fresh. However, the excessive use of capitals on certain words interspersed within the story slows the prose considerably. Overall, the author his pasted together a narrative worthy of its own dimension. It is not the common story of duals. Instead, this telling reveals a unique way to look at characterization in a brief story.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 78 pages
Publisher XlibrisUS
Publish Date 22-Apr-2015
ISBN 9781503552289
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Issue May 2016
Category Biographies & Memoirs


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