A Hundred Miles to Water

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Pure Reston took over the ranch after his father died in 1877, and soon after their relations with the nearby Gunn family took a turn for the worse. The Gunns had a reputation for being cattle rustlers, but they went too far when they not only stole a few too many cattle from the Restons, but murdered some of the ranch hands in cold blood, too. Now Pure and fellow cowboy July are out for revenge, and it doesn’t take long for things to spiral out of control into a full-on blood feud where neither side will be happy until the other family is dead.

Mike Kearby’s newest novel, A Hundred Miles to Water, is a complex story of vengeance set in an era of cowboys and cattle. This is a book that seems to start off slowly but draws the reader in with cunning swiftness. The main characters span every inch of the humanity spectrum: Pure has a good nature but lets his anger toward his thieving neighbors drive his actions, while E.B. Gunn is a greedy man with an eye only for his own personal gain, regardless of any consequences his deeds may have for him or his sons. Consequently, this novel provides a fascinating glimpse into the darker side of the human soul – no one wants to admit that people are capable of some of the savage acts committed by any of these men, but we eagerly keep reading to find out what happens next, to see how low these men will stoop for their own satisfaction.

Readers are able to get to know these characters through their actions; enough personal history is sprinkled in for relevance, without there being so much as to drag the story down. Even non-fans of westerns will surely enjoy this novel.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 267 pages
Publisher Goldminds Publishing
Publish Date 15-Oct-2010
ISBN 9780978842246
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Issue February 2011
Category Historical Fiction


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