2 IN One Eye: An Anthology of Appearances and Art Actions

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2 In ONE Eye: An Anthology of Appearances and Art Actions by Budh &Ray merges creativity with whimsicality to showcase the enduring enjoyment of art. Page after page encourages readers to reconsider absolutes: those associated with the arts, as well as everyday notions regarding life, love, and general human nature. Passages include thoughtful conversations with expressionism and deep consideration of a metaphor and ideogram. Each page a different section, 2 In ONE Eye rascally weaves the readers through the collection, as if down a rabbit hole. Beyond the playfulness with which images and text engage with one another, Budh &Ray have created a powerful assemblage of meaningful segments that inspire readers to stretch the boundaries of traditional art formation and record. In the section titled “Making Life Happy,” Budh &Ray’s short snippets provide philosophical artistry to guide the artist’s way of life, the “artist” very loosely defined here as one who creates. Herein Budh & Ray explain, “We cannot change what’s happened, but we can accept today and look with equanimity both on the past and toward the future. If we are prepared to take responsibility and endure everything that happens in our life, whether agreeable or adverse—we are free” (59).

2 In ONE Eye will tantalize the minds of beginners and remind masters of the limitless possibilities. While those with an art background may pull supplemental information from the text, previous study of the field is not required. Novices will easily jump into the whirlwind artistry of Budh &Ray and appreciate the artistic brilliance discovered therein. It encourages the readers to look at the pictures again. Explore the artistry of Budh &Ray and become lost in the possibilities of art and creativity today!

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 252 pages
Publisher CreateSpace
Publish Date 2016-Aug-26
ISBN 0097815306172
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Issue January 2017
Category Architecture & Photography


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