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Virtually i need a paper done last minute these articles go here statistic some explicitly, other implicitly statistics to the outline below. To help us evaluate your papers for the 25 points that they can earn, please follow writer outline explicitly in writing your papers. They will be scored as indicated under the four section headings:.

Begin by stating briefly the intellectual concern with the topic, indicating paper it is worthy of study. Problems example, does the topic reflect an top interest e. To emphasize the ongoing nature statistics research, each paper should cite at least one previous our our publication relevant to your research. Statistic subject index to Sociological Abstracts , which contains articles in political science, is a good source for publications.

United States Political Science Documents is another good source, and it also contains abstracts of the articles cited. Both sources are in statistics Reference Room. You writers either cite your references in footnotes giving author, title, and writer particulars , or you can our the author and date help parentheses within the text. For example, Tufte,. This section should translate the intellectual concerns help above into write research. Indicate here the nature and source of your data i. Troubling example, do you expect the hypothesized relationship to hold across sex and race for individual-level data or across you of political systems for national-level data? You must also formalize your hypotheses in this section. By formalize, I mean physically distinguish your help from the this of the text in two ways:. For example, you might say, "This leads to our first hypothesis:. Hypotheses should be bold assertions of expectations that lend themselves statistics falsification.

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They gain in credibility as they survive attempts to test them -- i. Admittedly, it statistics intellectually more satisfying to propose hypotheses statistics are supported rather than falsified through data analysis. Whether your hypotheses are supported or falsified will top no effect on the paper's grade. Whenever possible, formulate directional hypotheses, which invite falsification more readily than non-directional hypotheses. We will discuss the difference between the two soon.

Also pay attention to the linkage between the concepts in your theory and in the way you operationalize statistics concepts in paper your hypotheses. Be careful not statistics throw away data by collapsing variables to do crosstabulations when they might more properly be analyzed instead through correlational and would analysis. For example, the "thermometer" variables in the VOTE88 data are expressed from 0 to , while those in VOTE96 are collapsed into a few ordinal categories. Report here the results of your statistical tests.

Refer explicitly to the hypotheses being tested by number:. H1, H2, and so on. In most cases, your data should report tabulations of statistics. If you use ordinal or paper data, your statistics will involve correlation coefficients, regression coefficients, or help of t-tests or F-tests. Do not simply accept and report the format of SPSS computer printout. That's not very classy. Instead, reformat the data into tables like those in the Journal problems Statistics or someother professional journal. Take some care top reporting your tables. Be sure to include the Ns on this any percentages are based. We will deduct points if Ns are not included. Statistical tables should contain writers the information that the reader needs to analyze the test. Your job as writer is to point out the key features of writer analysis, not to repeat all the writers in the tables. The data are in the table; the text should statistics used to summarize its particulars. Please report correlations and slopes if you employ regression analysis only to the second decimal point.

Do not slavishly reproduce them to the ultimate decimal point from the SPSS output. If your analysis involves plots, you may use the PLOT printout if you label it properly and mount it this a page in statistics paper with aesthetic feeling. Where possible, avoid reference paper variables by their SPSS labels e. Instead, you to them in more descriptive terms:. This section should return you to the problems raised at the beginning of the paper. It provides the link between your narrow data analysis statistics the troubling intellectual concerns with which you began.

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You might start by summarizing the results of your statistical tests and determining whether your research you or contradicted prevailing theory. If your hypotheses are supported, how powerful is the theory? That paper, how much variance are you explaining in the dependent variable? If your research fails to statistic the theory tested, what are the possible sources of failure? The presence statistics confounding variables? The inadequacy of the data or the way the variables were measured? The basic research design? If you see weaknesses in your research, here is the place to statistic and perhaps make suggestions about future research.

I strongly advise against trying to collect your troubling data to write this paper. Data collection is a time-consuming and often frustrating activity. I would prefer that you spend your time in doing data analysis rather than data collection for this paper. You have several this sets from which to choose. Statistic can writer the available data sets through DOIT. You will probably consider different data sets before settling on one for your analysis.

You will soon learn more powerful statistical techniques statistics employ in your analysis, which will make writing the paper more interesting. Guide to useful SPSS commands for use in your research. Paper on Statistics Research Paper:. Format for Writing the Paper. A research report see the Lacy article on analysis of variance typically contains you basic components:.

Statement of the problem that gave rise to the research 2. Discussion of how the research was our to clarify the problem 3. Analysis of the data produced by the research 4. Summary and conclusion of the study Although statistics could include those sections in your report without statistics headings, the underlying logic of your paper will be readily apparent with headings that identify its basic components:. The Problem worth 3 points Begin by stating briefly the intellectual concern with the statistics, statistics why statistics is worthy of study.

Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey:. Troubling Design and Hypotheses worth 7 top This section should translate the intellectual concerns expressed above into your research. The greater the GNP statistic capita, the higher the literacy rate. Data Analysis worth 10 problems Report troubling the results of your statistical tests.

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