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  • The Man Who Sent the MAGI: A Religious Rosetta Stone

  • Wish Stealer: A Dangerously Uncommon Tale

  • True Stories of the Philosophical Theater

  • The Nine Pillars of History: An Anthropological Review of History, Five Religions, Sexuality and Modern Economics, All as a Guide for Peace

  • Why We Love Them So: Surviving the Loss of an Animal Friend

  • Destiny’s Purpose: A Young Alpaca Living with Alopecia

  • Your Care Plan: A nurse’s guide to healthy living

  • Awakening the Essence: Book One of The Siren Chronicles

  • Blood Over Badge

  • Homo Cosmiens: A new beginning to the final ending

  • Biochemistry of Aging: Wellness and Longevity

  • Independent Film Producing: The Outsider’s Guide To Producing A First Low Budget Feature Film

  • Edith Ann Marie The Sun is in My Heart

  • African Sex Education: Chronicles and Manual: Miyidima—The African’s Erotic Convocation:Liberation of the Long Suffering Birds and Bees of Africa

  • The Bay Men: A Clammer’s Story

  • Nature’s Cathedral: Photography & Haiku Poetry

  • Chuck’s Women

  • From the Cliffs of Pyla: A Memoir