Zero Percenters

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It’s the year 2024 and unbeknownst to many, Earth is getting ready to undergo some rapid changes. Similar to now, the planet is rapidly deteriorating thanks to poisonous emissions and a lack of respect for the planet. Chris Lapin is the president of a very profitable and beneficial technological company, 5s2, headquartered in California. Their current project is to create a chip that will work as a new pancreas to eliminate the deadly disease that can develop here and result in a painful death from which many suffer. His conservationist daughter, Anja, has her doubts about its timing in regard to the planet’s lifespan, but only wishes to see the world in a better situation.

Thanks to the brains of the staff at 5s2, a way of implanting a new pancreas has been successfully created and implemented among the population! A horrible catastrophe happens next, which results in new management taking over. Some changes are made, and the majority of the human population has now digitized their bodies, and have become “Zero Percenters”. Having been away on a trip during what would be called the most critical changes in human history, Anja is back and must figure out this new world, in which there is kindness all around and zero chance of the world as she knew it expiring – is it too good to be true? As with all good things, especially when it comes to technology, the risk of hacking and being taken over is always something to consider. Will Anja decide to cave and change her body as it is to become fully digital, or stand true to her biological self?With intensity, relationships, and thought-provoking situations, Zero Percenters has a little bit of everything. What stands out to me is that despite the gap in time from now to 2024, this is a book for today’s society. Themes in the book such as self-acceptance, playing God, and self- reliance make the situations and reasoning by the characters very similar to today’s actions and thoughts. Self-happiness is a big factor in the story, you might be born and grow up as one gender, but as in today’s society with the help of surgery, you can change what you want or whom you want to be; in 2024, if you lived most of your life as one identity, with the help of a digitized body, you can change anything (gender, height, size, age – you name it). Grusky has given the world much to think about in terms of the future and what to possibly expect.

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Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 275 pages
Publisher Furthest Press
Publish Date 2019-12-09
ISBN 9780965119047 Buy this Book
Issue November 2019
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


  1. Bettina

    I fell asleep about thirty pages in

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