Zen and the Art of Cannibalism: A Zomedy

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The Cerulean Moon is rising, and a hellhound named Seth has come to the world to raise zombies and bring about the apocalypse. He can only be stopped by another godlike being, a mysterious man called the Baron. Meanwhile, a pot dealer, known as the Wizard, has forty pounds of his product to deliver to a group of Russians, even though the town he’s traveling to has his older brother as the sheriff and, unknown to the Wizard, currently has a DEA officer in its streets. Also in the town is Ava, the woman the Wizard has a serious crush on (though he has to compete with Franz, the doctor), and Amy, a young woman babysitting her cousin, who has gone missing under mysterious circumstances.

All that seems to be too much to fit into one book, and to another author, it might well be. Daniel Younger, however, manages to make every plot and subplot fit into a book that’s just long enough to say everything, but just short enough to be easy to carry around. In the first few chapters, it does seem as though there are a few too many things going on, but once the action picks up, everything ties together remarkably well. The real triumph of the book, however, comes not from Younger’s skill with plot-juggling, but from his skill with humor, which ranges from silly to downright witty. I found myself chuckling as I read, and even laughing aloud, though I was hesitant to share some of the jokes with my family. The only problem I had was that the few serious parts of the book didn’t mesh very well with the rest, but luckily, the book almost never takes itself seriously.

For those who don’t mind a little naughty humor, and want something a little different in a market already glutted with zombie stories of all sorts, Zen and the Art of Cannibalism is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 318 pages
Publisher Mutant Panda
Publish Date 14-May-2015
ISBN 9781511794077
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Issue August 2015
Category Humor/Fiction


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